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Examples of How To Keep Your Money & Pay Less Taxes – from Tax-Free Wealth by Tom Wheelwright

How much did you pay in taxes in 2016?

Can you guess how much my friend worth $24 Million Dollars paid?

I recently hosted a private training with a local real estate investor/developer on June 7, 2017, and the shocking truth of his tax bill was revealed…

In 2016 he paid in taxes only $5,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How did he do it?

How is it he pays less in taxes than most people working pay check to pay check, and he is a multi millionaire?

The key to wealth is in the details…the tax details!

BUT how can a working class person learn to understand taxes like the ultra rich?

Well, that’s why I’m here, to make the secrets easy to understand for everyday people, just like you and me.

Watch this video training and be ready to finally understand how to use the tax laws to create more money in your pocket.

The First 3 Wealth Files – Are You Programmed To Be Rich?

Did you know that, according to T Harv Eker in the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, we have wealth files in our brain?

These wealth files determine whether we are going to be rich, middle class or poor.

We can change our wealth files too if we put in the work!

This blog will focus on the first 3 Wealth Files, and the exercises you can do to reprogram your wealth files to create a rich life!

11 Key Steps to Finance Your FREEDOM

Would you like 11 key steps to get you on the path to financing your freedom?

I’m talking about time freedom, the freedom to choose your lifestyle, the freedom to work on your own projects, take a day to meditate and work out, go to matinees with your spouse…whatever you want.

Do you want real freedom in your life, so that you have time time to really explore what you were meant to achieve, bring forth and accomplish on this planet?

That’s what today’s video training is all about, the 11 Key Steps to Finance Your FREEDOM.

Freedom is a lot closer than you think!

How My 3 yr old Makes 6% With His Savings

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Tax Strategies That The Middle Class Miss Out On

Ever wonder what tax strategies that the middle class miss out on…and the wealthy seem to be using all the time?

Well, this blog will open your eyes to the possibilities that you may have not considered for yourself.

I learned entrance into a smarter way to live my life and do my taxes back in 2009, and haven’t looked back since.

One Millionaire’s 15 Minute Ritual To Obtain Financial Success

Have you ever wondered how millionaires make the massive wealth that they do?

Ever see someone who is ultra successful who always seems to have great energy and is very productive in so many projects?

How do the mega-rich read so many books, and stay so educated and on top of the market?

Well, from the words of one successful millionaire, it’s important to follow certain rituals to create balanced energy throughout your day…

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